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Our work is centred on the areas of fertility, endometriosis and other problems experienced by women of reproductive age. As such, our practice operates on the ethos of being able to offer an alternative to the customary “standard therapy”.

The practical concept consists of determining the diagnostic  and subsequently the therapeutic path that is tailored specifically to your needs.

Each woman, couple and cause of sterility is different. The approach to solving the problem must therefore be just as flexible and tailored to the individual. We do not follow rigid, inflexible treatment plans. Rather, we are open to tailored and alternative therapeutic approaches.

We offer the full range of modern infertility treatment while also making use of innovative treatment concepts. This requires a high degree of flexibility on the part of the fertility centre.

The methods we use also include treatment strategies (such as mini-IVF and natural cycle IVF) which do not involve the usual stressful, risky and expensive hormonal stimulation methods. There is even a treatment option that avoids the use of medications of any kind. Of course, this approach has its advantages and disadvantages. These methods are of benefit to

  • Women with a low ovarian reserve (women who have had cancer treatment, patients with endometriosis, so-called “low responders”),
  • Women over 40,
  • Women for whom prior conventional IVF/ICSI have been unsuccessful,
  • Self-paying patients (fewer medications = reduced costs).

For women who have already been advised to try egg cell donation abroad, it is certainly an option to try one more time to “recruit” their own egg cells.

Of course, in order to achieve a successful outcome for your treatment, we will only work with partners who have the qualifications and empathy that you also expect from us. This applies not only to our external laboratory partners (for psychological counselling, genetics, antibody testing, thrombophilia diagnostics and immunology studies), but also to our partners in the fields of surgery and alternative medicine.

Our doctors, biologists, nurses and laboratory staff have also spent many years qualifying for the specific tasks and demands of this field.

Talk with us to get your own impression of what we can offer.