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Insemination with donor sperm: donor insemination (DI) or artificial donor insemination (ADI)

Heterologous donor treatments use sperm from donors. The most common reason for this treatment method is the absence of sperm in the man’s ejaculate. Other reasons include the lack of success with or rejection of previous methods.

In the simplest case, in which none of the major causes of sterility are attributable to the women, the donor semen can be transferred into the uterine cavity after the time of ovulation has been determined or set. This may also require additional hormone treatment.


Insemination catheter

An insemination catheter for intrauterine insemination.

Requirements for treatment

Close cooperation with the Berliner Samenbank GmbH (Berlin Sperm Bank) makes it possible for a couple to choose the best donor for them. Thanks to a list of different characteristics of all donors, the couple can find one that is most similar in appearance to the man in terms of their physical characteristics (eye colour, hair colour, weight, height, blood group, physique, head shape, and hair type, among many other factors). This can help ensure that the child that results from the treatment outwardly looks like both of the so-called ‘social’ parents.

Once a notary certified treatment contract has been concluded, the appropriate treatment can commence.

For further information, please visit the website of our partner, Berliner Samenbank GmbH