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Hormone diagnostics

The basic diagnostic assessment always includes informative and comprehensive hormone diagnostics. The day of the patient’s cycle and the patient’s age are among the factors to be considered for this testing. Hormone diagnostics are required in the following circumstances

– Abnormal cycle – ovulation problems – suspected hormonal changes – hormone testing is also recommended after more than two miscarriages in order to detect any problems that have not yet manifested themselves, for example, in the form of an abnormal cycle but that already have a negative impact on fertility. For example, some latent hormonal problems may also have negative effects during a pregnancy. Hormone tests are certainly advisable, for example during on-going treatment, in order to determine the best time for insemination or follicle puncture (egg cell retrieval) for IVF (in vitro fertilisation, test tube fertilisation). More frequent tests are required to determine the most favourable time (for both the patient AND the practice) for egg retrieval in the case of NC IVF (natural cycle IVF), in which ovulation is not suppressed using drugs.