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According to the generally accepted definition of sterility (infertility) a couple is considered to be sterile if a pregnancy was not achieved despite regular intercourse over 1 year. Of course, there is no need to wait for the entire period before seeking medical advice, especially if there are already confirmed or presumed factors that may constitute genuine factors affecting sterility. These include abnormal menstrual cycles, previous episodes of inflammation in the genital region or surgeries.

If factors of this nature are present, simple diagnostic testing and equally simple, conservative therapy may often help attain the goal of pregnancy.

Having a consultation with us does not mean that you will immediately be “put through the ringer with interventional treatments”. There are often simple therapies that can smooth the way, even if these take longer than more “interventional” or “invasive treatments like artificial insemination.

You decide for yourself which treatment will accomplish your goal and where you need our assistance. Our role is to help you based on our years of experience to find a path of treatment tailored to your wishes. However, it must be remembered that treatment of this nature also needs to be appropriate and offer prospects for success, all the more so if the health insurance provider and thus all other insured members are to be involved in the treatment.

We provide you with the recommendation and the treatment options, explaining to you the advantages and disadvantages of each therapy. You decide what will be done!