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Endometriosis is a chronic disease and our goal is to improve the quality of life of our patients, as well as to achieve the goal of having children if this is a priority at this time. The treatment developed for each patient must be based on her medical history and needs. This treatment will form part of a long-term personalised treatment concept that will always include psychological care. We conduct studies and participate in studies conducted by other centres. This helps our patients benefit early on from the opportunities offered by new medications or forms of treatment. We will provide you with advice on all modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods. In order to increase the quality of treatment, the team of “Praxis für Fertilität” aims to utilise interdisciplinary cooperation with specialists in gynaecology, surgery, urology, psychosomatic medicine, pain therapy, diagnostic radiology and physiotherapy, who also have training in endocrinology and operative techniques. These specialists will help ensure that you receive expert, tailored and personal care.

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For the affected women, up to 10 years will often pass between the initial symptoms and the appropriate diagnosis. These years may be marked by pain, childlessness and a feeling that no one understands them or takes them seriously. Many experience enormous limitations in their personal and professional development.

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Period pains are not normal


endometriosis-related problems can be treated.