Dear patients,
the current situation forces us to take the following measures:

Ongoing IVF/ICSI therapies will continue until embryo transfer.
If you experience any symptoms, please DO NOT come to the practice, but talk to us.
If no embryo transfer is possible, we offer free cryopreservation.

In addition, we are offering communication including first time consultations via telephone or video chat. Please contact us at info@fertilitaet.de to make an appointment.

Planned IVF/ICSI therapies should be postponed to your next cycle (possibly longer)! In individual cases, exceptions might be possible.
Please ask BEFORE you start!

Please note the following office hours from march 30, 2020:
Monday 0900-1300
Tuesday 0900-1800
Wednesday 0900-1300
Thursday 0900-1800
Friday 0900-1300

The team of Praxis für Fertilität.


You want to have a baby?

You want to have a baby and are looking for a team in Berlin with the expertise and empathy to provide you with comprehensive advice and support during treatment? Well, you have found a fertility centre like the one you imagined.
In the PRAXIS für FERTILITÄT you will benefit from experience and expertise gained over many years, coupled with love for the profession on the part of the staff.


As the reasons for a couple‘s infertility vary strongly, offered treatment approaches to solve their problem must be highly individualized and should be “tailored” accordingly.


In some cases simply correcting a slight hormonal “flaw” will suffice, insemination or in-vitro-fertilization might be necessary or advisable in others.


With many years of experience and passion for our work we will always offer a treatment plan that suits you best!